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We're More Than

Just A Company

Since the beginning, our goal at Maid-2-Order

has always been to make our community a better place. We're committed to leaving anywhere we are better than we found it, starting in the homes in which we serve.

Lifestyle Education

Maid-2-Order takes care of their associates. We've provided all their staff members with opportunities to attend health conventions where they can learn about preventable diseases, nutrition, and fitness. It's extremely important to Maid-2-Order that our team is provided with all the information they need- be that about health, fitness, finances, or self-sufficiency, which is why we often bring in professionals to give talks to our team. 

Standing Strong Through Difficult Times

We know that sickness takes a big toll in a woman's already chaotic life. That's why Maid-2-Order gifts three month's worth of free cleaning to women in our community who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer.

Natural Disaster Aid

At Maid-2-Order,  we're always ready to help. In order to be able to provide aid at any given moment, Maid-2-Order has funds and materials set aside for disaster relief. If these don't suffice,

Maid-2-Order has organized donation bins, fundraisers, and can drives to get as many supplies as possible to those in need.

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